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SquadCon 2020 Online was an event that was from the beginning: UNSTOPPABLE. With COVID causing us to go from in-person to online, and then several issues in the weeks leading up that could have brought an end to the event, we still managed to pull it off and it was an incredible time. 

We concluded our Opening Ceremony with a Power Rangers parody, and its sole purpose was to put a smile on people's faces. 2020 had been a rough year, and we just wanted to give people something fun to laugh about.
We always do baptisms at SquadCon, but this year we did ONLINE Baptisms. It was incredible to see people all over the world making a public profession of faith, and we ended the service with a message titled "Unstoppable Presence".
The next morning, PastorBoz delivered an incredible message titled "Unstoppable Truth" before we broke into online small groups. 
Then, Pastor Win gave us the 4 1 1 on how to share your faith with others. This incredible teaching equips people with practical tools and methods for how you can comfortably and effectively share your faith with those around you.
Our staff put their acting skills to the test in our spin on "Who's Line is it Anyway", where they put on an improv event that showcased their strengths, their weaknesses, and everything in between.
And finally, we ended with a barebones, acoustic service. The power in our building was having issues, but that didn't stop us from giving God "Unstoppable Praise". It was the perfect finale for SquadCon 2020 Online.
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