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Here at GodSquad Church, we believe in the value of Experiencing Community. We truly believe that relationships are essential to our lives. XP Groups are small interest based Bible studies that gather together online through the week. Joining an XP Group is essential to growing in relationships with others and in your relationship with God. It’s the best way to get connected with others in the community that can help and encourage you throughout the week.

Our XP Groups meet on the platform Discord. If you have not joined our Discord server, you can do so here so that we can contact you and get you plugged in after you sign up!

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The next semester starts April 28th so sign up now! You may sign up for a group after the start date.

Please note all times are in Eastern Time.


Thursdays at 1:00pm EST


Interest: God's Women: Then and Now

About: This semester the Backstreet Gals will be diving into the book "God's Women - Then and Now" together.

This book challenges uninformed assumptions, long-held prejudices, and limiting traditions on women in ministry with a deep dive into scripture.

Age: 18+

Leaders: AmandaSouza and FatihJess


Sundays at 2:00pm EST

Men and Women

Interest: Earthdawn Table Top RPG

About: The Legendary Adepts like to grow in community with each other while also growing in their relationship with Christ. We're going to be doing some Bible studies, then playing some Earthdawn to build some legendary characters and enjoying some awesome adventures!

Age: 18+

Leader: Ryvur


Thursdays at 2:00pm EST


Interest: "The Chosen"

About: This semester the Meme Team will be

continue watching "The Chosen". Each week, we will

watch an episode and discuss it afterward.

Age: 18+

Leaders: BozGS and VIXsigma


Mondays at 8:00pm EST


Interest: Genshin Impact

About: The Travelers are a group full of some lively ladies who love Jesus and love playing Genshin. This semester, we will be studying one of the books of the Bible and digging deep into Gods word before settling into some coop time.

Age: 16+

Leaders: Silverwings and maddierose


Saturdays at 9:00pm EST

Men, Women, Students, and Prayer

Interest: Dungeons and Dragons

About: Kindred of the Lion is all about learning prayer,

praying for each other, community,  and having fun hunting dragons in Dungeons & Dragons.

Age: 18+

Leader: Pinky-15


Fridays at 3:30pm EST

Men and Women

Interest: Biblical Meditation

About: Do you ever find yourself reading the Bible but feeling like you're not actually connecting with God?

Do you find yourself not knowing where to start when wanting to read the Bible? In this group, we will be learning and practicing a habit that changed my life, Biblical Meditation. Each week we will take a different passage and show how Biblical meditation can be used anywhere in the Bible. This habit will help the Bible come alive and help you connect with God more than ever before!

Age: 18+

Leaders: SouzyLIVE and AJValdez


Wednesdays at 9:00pm EST


Interest: Diving deep into the fruits of the faith: love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.

Age: 18+

Leaders: Valerian, Fletch75, and Tonic


Tuesdays at 8:00pm EST


Interest: Heart of Dating

About: Calling all single women! Discover your calling and find your community as a single woman as we listen to

the Heart of Dating podcast (and other messages for singles) and participate in discussions.

Age: 18+

Leader: JoyfulShayna

If you have any questions, you can contact Pastor Boz


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