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We are so excited that you made a decision to follow Christ and we are here to walk this journey with you. Saying yes to follow God is the most important decision anyone can make, and we want to partner with you to help you have a strong, fruitful walk with Christ, and take your relationship with God to the Next Level.

First Steps 

Accepting Christ is only the first step on this journey. After you take that first step, it is very important that you continue to seek out Christ and continue to draw closer to Him. We would encourage you to first start setting aside time regularly to read the Bible and pray. We would highly encourage you to do this daily, but it will look different for everyone your schedule. Growth in any relationship always comes from investing time with them, and by praying and reading your Bible, you are investing in your relationship with God.

If you do not own a Bible or have no way to get your hands on one, don’t worry, there are several free online resources at your disposal. There is a free Bible app from where you can begin to read God’s Word. Simply search “Bible” or “YouVersion” in your app store to find it. This amazing app also has thousands of devotional plans to help you figure out exactly what parts of the Bible to read every day and will track your progress and send you reminders throughout the day. We provide a devotional Monday - Friday each week in our church Discord server for you to use during your daily reading time. There are also websites that provide free online, interactive versions of the Bible. If you’re just starting out we recommend using the New International Version (NIV).


A great book to start off reading is the Book of Matthew in the New Testament. 

In addition to reading your Bible, make sure to set aside time to pray. Prayer is such an integral part of your continued relationship with God. Again, this time will look different for everyone. This should be a time of your day where you can be alone with God for a few minutes. Spend time talking to God, asking Him for guidance, wisdom, strength, and direction. Bring to Him the things that are on your mind and heart. A relationship is built on open, honest communication and your relationship with God is no different. Also take time during your prayer to clear your mind and listen for God to respond. Give Him room to guide your heart and mind and provide the answers you are looking for. Lastly, begin to practice a heart of gratitude and thank God for the many blessings He has given us!


Attend Church

We believe that it is a key part of every believer’s life to attend church service. Church is meant to be so much more than a service, rather a community of people learning to love God, love one another and change the world together. We have our services every Saturday at 1pm EST and 7pm ET at You can also catch the service after it has ended on Twitch or watch the sermon on YouTube later in the week on our church YouTube channel here


Water Baptism

We encourage all believers to seek out Water Baptism. This is an amazing way to publicly declare your faith and to symbolically start a fresh walk with Christ. To seek out more information on what exactly water baptism is or to sign up to be baptized, please fill out the form on our website. 


Join the Community

Another key step in this process is getting plugged in at church. Here at GodSquad Church, we have a number of ways you can do that. We have a very active Discord server where the members of our community hang out, ask questions, play games, and get to know each other. We encourage you to join our server and start connecting with people today!


Free Resources Available for You Within our Discord Server: 
  1. Prayer Requests: We have a very active prayer team that prays over every single request posted in the prayer request channel in our Discord server. 

  2. Community Care: This team is a group of individuals who would love to be there to pray for you, encourage and help guide you through any season of life. Check the schedule on the church website to see when people are available and to schedule meetings. 

  3. XP GroupsThese groups are designed to help you take your walk with Christ to the next level. They are small groups that meet every week to discuss the previous week’s sermon, talk about life, build community, and get to know each other. Sign up on the website and get plugged in. 

  4. Partnership: If you are interested in church partnership, make sure you sign up for our Partnership Class. The Partnership Class will walk you through the beliefs we hold as a church, our foundations, our core values, and more! 

Make a difference (Serve)

We believe that God has an incredible plan and purpose for everyone's life, including yours! We believe God has given you gifts and talents that you can use to make an impact in the world around you, including here at GodSquad Church. We encourage you to check out our many ministries and teams and find an area for you to serve in. Fill out our Serve form on the website to begin serving!


Teams You Can Join Soon After Receiving Salvation: 
  1. Prayer Team: A team that gets together weekly to pray over all the prayer requests that come in through Twitch, our prayer email, and Discord. They also meet and pray together once a week and during our Pre-Service Prayer on Saturday nights before GodSquad Church.

  2. Media Team: A team that handles anything and everything to do with creative media in the ministry. They create graphics, produce videos, and more! 




Again, congratulations on saying yes to following Christ! We are so excited to walk with you and see God work in your life and the lives of those around you. Our staff and volunteers are praying for you and are available for you to reach out to at any time. Let’s work together to get to the Next Level!

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