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Discord is the leading platform for voice chat that runs on both your desktop computer and your mobile device. 

For our community, it provides the place where we come to talk, laugh, pray for each other, and of course, game. Because we are almost exclusively online, this is the avenue for our people to connect with each other and is a place for them to feel at home in a community that cares about each other.

Everything we do is summed up in our four Core Values: Know God, Experience Community, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference. But what does that look like? We have weekly services on Saturdays and offer a time to hang out in Discord after each service. We have small groups (XP Groups) that meet weekly in Discord that you can join at any time, all with different interests (Bible Study, Gaming, Prayer, Discipleship, Anime, D&D, etc.). We have a Women's Ministry that allows #GirlGamers to connect in their own private category and through monthly events. We help you discover your purpose so you can make a difference in the world by serving and giving back to the online community. 

People in our community also have access to our Community Care team. The Community Care team is a combination of pastors and volunteers that give their time to help talk anyone through a difficult situation. 

Ultimately, Discord is how our community interacts with each other on a personal level and is essential in achieving our values of community and culture. Everyone is welcome to join the community, no matter what they might believe!

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