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Our History
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In late 2014, God began to plant a vision in the heart of Matt Souza to birth a ministry that would become known as GodSquad Church. Its mission? To reach gamers all over the world with the gospel. A brief time after putting his feet in the water that was the still-growing website, Twitch, Matt recognized the potential for something far greater than himself sitting in a boiler room playing video games live on the internet.


In its infancy, that is what GodSquad was. While Matt began to gain an audience and establish himself on the Twitch platform, he was still only one man. Early on God started to put together a team of eleven other men that would battle on the virtual field for the vision to meet gamers where they were and help journey with them from virtual life to eternal life.


On March 24th, 2016, this team of twelve from all over the USA would launch virtually the first-ever church just for gamers: GodSquad Church. The first few services were broadcast from a home setup; tearing down and setting up a home each week to create studio spaces for our online service presented a difficult challenge. “But God” saw what we needed and provided a new location that was perfect for that season. Since then, God has continued to lead us to new buildings, offices, and homes. Change and adapting would seem to be a mark of GodSquad Church as we chase after God’s direction.


In 2021, God led the church to a new model of leadership replacing an individual Lead Pastor for a plurality of leadership. This formed the Lead Team; individuals who were enthusiastic about seeing God do incredible things in the lives of gamers.


From its inception God has continued to move in the lives of gamers all over the world. GSC has reached hundreds of thousands of gamers with the gospel, and to this day God continues to provide gifted volunteers, necessary funding, and a beautiful vision. Through this ministry, God is changing lives every day and continues to allow it to flourish in a culture that desperately needs the light of Jesus.

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