We truly believe that the Bible can change lives, and we hope these messages will show you a glimpse of how much God loves gamers! We also pray they will encourage and inspire you to take your relationship with Jesus to the next level. To see our entire Sermon Archive, visit our YouTube Channel.

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Our sermons are spoken by gamers, for gamers. The Bible can often be confusing, but at GodSquad Church, we break down scripture and explain it in ways that gamers can relate to. 


"Sometimes we SHOULDN'T upgrade"

Every time a new and exciting console is a released, the old console gets left behind and forgotten. I wonder at times when we get something great in our lives, can we do the same to God? It's okay to upgrade your console, but we cannot upgrade our King. In this message we will talk about how to keep Jesus as the center even when other great things come into our lives.

You Need TRUE Rest

"Rest isn't what you think it is"

Even though everyone has been home with more free time than ever before, no one feels truly rested. In today's message, we take a look at rested exp in World of Warcraft and what we can learn from it to find true rest for your soul.