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GodSquad Gaming is a place where gamers from all over the world can come and find a place they can call home no matter their beliefs or background. Our community is a place where people can come game together, grow together, and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Vision Statement

Gamers Winning Together


Mission Statement

GodSquad Church exists to Connect Gamers to God

by meeting them where they are.


We strongly believe that church is not meant to be simply a building or a service. It is meant to be a community of people learning to love God and love people together. As a community we strive to have a genuine love for one another, to celebrate the epic wins together, but also being there during the hard times of life. We all struggle sometimes, but here at GodSquad Church, you don’t have to struggle alone.


Often times gamers are looked down upon because of the negative view the world has about gaming. At GodSquad Church we as a community seek to grow and develop character and integrity to show the world that gaming and responsibilities do not have to be enemies.


The gaming community at times can be a place where people are hurting from things like anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and the environment itself at times can be a dark and toxic place. At GodSquad Church it is our mission to bring bring joy to the broken and healing to the hurt, to love trolls and serve this world. By having character as individuals we can change culture as a whole.


As a community, God has called us to go out into all the world and to love people in every way we can by both serving people and sharing with them God’s love. This is not simply a privilege, but also a responsibility for us. With that in mind, we made it our mission to connect gamers to God by meeting them where they are. 


All of us here at GodSquad Church are just regular people, regular gamers who were once far from God but had our lives changed through the transforming love and power of Jesus. Because of this, everything we do exists to point credit and glory to the one who loves us, the one who saved us, Jesus Christ. Jesus is not simply a part of what we do, He is the center of what we do.