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Tami Higgins

Family Pastor

Contact pastortami@godsquadchurch.com


Hey, I am Tami Higgins, also known as "Mommahiggs" to our community. I grew up in the church with a strong desire to serve God and people. It wasn’t clear to me at the time where God wanted me specifically so I served wherever God put me at that time. I have experience serving in children’s ministry and youth ministry, and love seeing children get excited when they hear about Jesus. There is a reason God tells us to have faith like a child, because they have such amazing faith, and I love seeing that first hand.

I met my amazing husband and best friend Scott in the church, and we have been blessed with six great kids who always keep life exciting. My husband and most of my kids are gamers, and while I'm not a huge gamer myself, I do play some games and enjoy being in the gaming community. I met the Souzas and our families

became close friends before they began their ministry. When they later launched the church online, I absolutely loved their vision to reach gamers with the good news, especially as a mom/wife of gamers.

I started volunteering for GodSquad in 2017, starting on the Prayer Team and the ModSquad, but I now serve on the Community Care Team and lead two Experience Groups which are such a blessing to me. I have also taken on the role as Family Pastor as I continue my education through Antioch Bible College in VA to get my pastoral license.

I am so blessed to be a part of GodSquad Church and am very excited to see all that God is doing in our online community and our physical location.