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SquadCon 2021 Online was our first venture into an online SquadCon experience early in the year! Check out all the highlights!

This time, we launched SquadCon with a GodSquad Church service and Pastor Souzy introduced us to the theme of "Min-Max-ing"! 
To close out day one, our staff participated in pictionary and charades and allowed the twitch chat to decide who was the best!
The next day, our online staff members Pastor AJ and Mihric participated in a bit of a "Get to Know You" questionnaire of crazy questions.
Then to close out the night, we held another service where Pastor AJ delivered an amazing message about Breaking Barriers!
On the final day, we kicked off with a service that included our final message from PastorBoz has he challenged all of us to do a "Maintenance Check".
And to close it all out, our staff participated in some crazy Minute-to-Win-It challenges that stretched their resolve and creativity.
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