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Join us in Discord throughout the week for these awesome events!

9/28 - Monday 7 PM EST : Overwatch

October event schedule coming soon!

Join us in Discord! #events


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This is your opportunity to meet the staff of GodSquad Church! If you are new or have never had a chance to get to know the staff, we would love to have you join us, and we'd of course love to learn more about you as well! Join us on October 3rd after both services and look for the Zoom link in Twitch chat and Discord. 



If you're interested in being baptized online or wondering how in the world that's even possible, then you can attend our baptism classes most second Saturdays of the month.

They're held around 3PM EST right after our first service ends. 

Upcoming Classes:

October  10th


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We believe that gaming and life are better together, so join us every week, Tuesday at 12PM EST  for the YokeTalk Podcast, hosted by UnworthySeraph and PastorBoz and aired live on


You can also listen on the following platforms:
 Our Website

   Google Podcasts

   Apple Podcasts



Communion is almost always on the first Saturday of the month. Remember to bring your juice and crackers! 


Upcoming Communion Services:

October 3rd

November 7th

December 5th


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