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We believe that gaming and life are better together, so join us every week, Tuesday at 4PM EST  for the YokeTalk Podcast, hosted by UnworthySeraph and PastorBoz and aired live on


You can also listen on the following platforms:

   Google Podcasts


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Join us in Discord throughout the week for these awesome events!

Tuesday 7 PM EST : Fall Guys

Friday 7 PM EST : Movie Night

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What does it mean to become a member of a church? Our two-week partnership course will answer that question and more and help you discover just what it means to become part of a church family. 

Our partnership classes are Saturdays right after first service around 3 PM EST.

Our next classes will be on August 29th and September 5th!

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Communion is always on the first Saturday of the month. Remember to bring your juice and crackers! 


Our next communion service will be on September 5th.  

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