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Pastor TJ

Leadership Development Pastor

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Pastor Tj aka “Daelyte” has been in love with gaming and nerd culture for as long as he can remember. "I have memories at 3 years old sitting on the floor playing double dragon on the NES." With a love and passion for Jesus, Tj's greatest desire is to see those far from Christ come near. 

When Tj isn't gaming in the virtual realm you perhaps can find him playing basketball, brewing a new D&D Character, slinging MTG cards at a tourney, or perhaps his favorite thing to do - chasing around his two daughters Aria & Oaklyn or annoying his amazing wife Jackie.


He has been serving in ministry since he was 16 preaching and ministering to youth, young adults, planting churches, preaching in other countries, or teaching on conference stages. But his greatest desire lies in developing leaders.

"I feel like I have been placed on this earth to activate leaders in discovering their purpose and paving their legacy to bring glory to Jesus."


Tj served on the launch team that planted GodSquad Church in 2016 and sat on the board for several years helping develop structure and systems. In late 2020 the Lead Team approached Tj with an opportunity to join the Lead Team with a focus on leadership and discipleship. After prayer and unreasonable excitement he officially joined the team in early 2021 …breaking the fourth wall ”...did you make it this far...if so know above all of this if no one has told you they love you today, I love you with all my heart” -Daelyte "TJ"

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