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Pastor Souzy

Preaching Pastor

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Reverend Matt Souza (Pastor SouZy) grew up spending most of his time playing video games, but always felt a sense of fear of what people would think of him if they found out that he was secretly a gamer. After many years of dealing with insecurity from this, God took him on a journey of understanding, and brought him to the realization that God loved him just the way he was. Not only that, but that he could use his love for video games to make a difference in people’s lives.


During his senior year of college, in January of 2014 Pastor SouZy married his beautiful wife Amanda Souza. A few months later both Pastor Matt and Amanda received their bachelor’s degree from Northpoint Bible College. Pastor SouZy received his degree in Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Theology and Amanda received hers in Music/Worship Ministry and Biblical Theology.

Shortly after graduation Pastor SouZy stumbled across an interactive and community based website called where people go on to watch others play video games. He first clicked on a successful broadcaster by the name of Summit1G who at the time had 25,000 people watching him. It was at that moment that he realized “this is how we are going to reach gamers”.


Within a few short weeks Pastor SouZy started broadcasting live where people from all over the world and all walks of life would come and watch him play video games, but while played he began to teach them about God’s love for gamers. Very quickly his stream began to grow to where it is now. Every month an average of about 10,000 first time guests come through his stream to hear the beautiful life changing story of Jesus. As the founder of GodSquad Gaming and Pastor of GodSquad Church, Pastor SouZy has dedicated his life to this mission of leading gamers From Virtual Life to Eternal Life.

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