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Pastor Boz

Community Care Pastor

Contact at pastorboz@godsquadchurch.com


Raymond Bosworth (Pastor Boz) grew up going to church since he was born, and at the age of six he gave his heart to the Lord. As he got older, Ray felt a strong calling from God to become a pastor and plant churches. After high school he served as the youth leader in his church, and two years later he also graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. He his wife Danielle in June 2012, and they both continued to serve as youth leaders, deacons, worship leaders, and various other ministries.


Just as long as Ray as been a follower of Christ, he has also been a gamer.  However, as he got older, he grew fearful of what people may think of him being a gamer.  He didn’t necessarily hide it, but wasn’t open about it to others. God eventually lead Ray to a gaming ministry in

December 2015, where he found out about the GodSquad and and began serving at Matt Souza's side as one of the leaders.

Shortly after joining the ministry, he helped Reverend Matt Souza plant GodSquad Churchin March of 2016.  He was later installed as the Community Care Pastor for GodSquad Church, and since then he's served fulltime as the overseer of the Community Care Department and is now also the Midlothian and Online Campus Pastor for GodSquad Church. Ray has dedicated his life to following the calling God has on his life, being used as an instrument to lead others to Jesus Christ.