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Our Vision
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While we've come a long way from our humble beginnings, the vision for our future stretches much further than our current reach. The reality is that we have barely scratched the surface of reaching all 1.8 billion gamers across the globe, and it’s going to take far more innovation and resources to reach every corner of the gaming world.

Currently, the main way our pastors and church leaders interact with people is through the internet, but that’s a boundary that we're looking to break as we set our eyes on the future. The most critical long term goal of the ministry is to one day occupy a much larger building that would serve a double purpose: it would act as a church building that would house an in-person audience and community that could connect with each other more than they ever could on the internet, and be the home of what is known as a LAN center. Housing dozens of gaming setups, gamers would be able to come to the LAN center to do what they love in person with each other in a positive environment. 

We were close to achieving the first stage of that vision this year in 2020, but God had other plans for us and the rest of the world when COVID came onto the scene. While things may not look how we expected, we know that we can continue to serve the gaming community online in new and exciting ways. 

We even changed our vision statement in August 2020 from "Leading Gamers from Virtual Life to Eternal Life" to simply "Gamers Winning Together". Nothing about our vision has changed though, because we believe that the only way to truly win, is to be with Christ. Gamers are people that are ultimately known for losing in a lot of areas, but we hope to encourage people to win in all areas of their life, starting with the One that gave everything for them. 

There are still so many ways that we can innovate and stretch our reach even if we can't do it in person just yet. From holding our own online events and tournaments to maybe even getting our toes wet in the esports industry, God's potential for this ministry is wide, and we know that He'll carry us into whatever stage He has next.

Core Values
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