While the GodSquad has come a long way from its humble beginnings, the vision for its future stretches much further than its current reach. The reality is that they have barely broken the ice of reaching all 1.8 billion gamers across the globe, and it’s going to take far more innovation and resources to get them to that point.


Currently, the only way for the pastors and leaders of the church to interact with their people is through the internet, but that’s a boundary that they’re striving to break as they look to the future. The most critical long term goal of the ministry is to one day occupy a much larger building. This building would serve a double purpose: it would act as a church building that would house an in person audience and community that could connect with each other more than they ever could on the internet, and be the home of what is known as a LAN center. A place where gamers would come to do what they love in person with each other. It would house dozens of gaming setups for people to spend time with each other in a safe environment. 

Last year PastorSouzy moved to the Richmond, Virginia, area as the place to launch our first ever in person community. The details are still uncertain, but we're hoping to launch sometime in 2019 to give our community a place they can call home outside of the internet, and foster a place where gamers can come and spend quality time together.

The vision doesn’t end there though. Another goal of the GodSquad is to break into the professional gaming industry known as eSports. eSports are growing in popularity and viability every year, and gamers everywhere revere these professionals much like others look up to sports stars or musicians. In the future, The GodSquad is looking to sponsor professional players and take part in the highly competitive scene that is eSports.


Finally, the GodSquad looks to even further bridge the boundary of the internet by holding events all over the globe. Gamers already attend events like this every month, but something that they almost never see at them, is a Christian influence. These events would draw gamers in the the area to come meet in person for several days of community and fun, but would also be another opportunity to reach people with the gospel.


In August, GodSquad Gaming held their second annual SquadCon in Richmond, Virginia. Attendance doubled since the first SquadCon and it was once again a huge success. We're looking forward to making SquadCon 2019 even more exciting this August! Check out the video below and find more information here!

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