Associate Community Care Director

Contact at mieke@godsquadchurch.com


Hi, I'm Mihric, also known as Mieke. I'm married to Mahric (Arno). We have 3 children, Stefan, Lydia and Carina.
I was born in the Netherlands, and moved to Ontario Canada when I was 7. Most of my schooling was there, and through this, English is just as normal to me as Dutch. I came back to the Netherlands when I was 16, where I met Arno and stayed. Being far away from most of my own family was hard at times, but also made me independent very quickly.

Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with ADD and depression. With 3 kids growing up and Arno having autism (Aspergers) it was a challenge. But God has always been close, even if I didn't always experience it. We have had difficult times and we had to learn to cope with his

autism, but God has helped us through it. Through this Arno was a loving husband, and a pillar through my struggles with the ADD and depression. Over the past several years I have grown closer to God and through this (and under guidance of my doctor) I am now off of my meds for both the ADD and depression, and I am doing amazing.